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You used to take my breath away, now I realize I was suffocating from all your bullshit.

And this is love.

Story of mah lifeee.

So today’s blog is going to be on RELATIONSHIPS! Why relationships you might ask?

Well, lately I’ve been mixed up with a lot of boy problems, and some of my friends’ relationship problems. It kinda compelled me to get my opinion out there. Just to let you know, I’ll just be writing random opinions on stuff that has happened in my life (not necessarily to me). BTW: These are merely MY opinions and don’t hold any super awesome facts and not everyone thinks the same way, etc. Don’t flame me for what I believe; but you’re welcome to share your opinions as well.

Okay, lets start BACKWARDS. Break ups.

“Um well… you know I can’t date right? So like, my parents found out about us and went berserk. We have to end it.”


This by far, is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard. Of course, for some people it may be true, since some parents do restrict their children from dating for various reasons. I completely respect that, as long as it is based on reasonable grounds (HOHO. LAWYER TERMS. Future lawyer / Pheonix Wright points +2).

But my biggest problem with this is that people don’t take the extra precautions to hide their relationship if they’re really going to get in some deep doodoo if caught. I mean, have you not seen the numerous articles on Facebook ruining relationships posted on MSN.ca and other crappy sites like that? You don’t need to be a brainiac to realize that if you wanna keep your relationship away from danger zone, don’t publicize it on Facebook.

In fact, don’t publicize it on any site that could possibly screw you over. Now, I’m not saying that you should stop sending little cute lovey dovey messages to each other, but you can keep your relationship status as “single” and still have a boy/girlfriend, ya know. (On another note; I really hate how Facebook is being used to “finalize” or “confirm” your relationship status).

Also, is the relationship REALLY worth ruining your bond with your parents? Just wondering. Because look, especially if you’re in highschool, is this girl/boy really gonna end up being “The One” for you? They could be, but what are the chances? Your parents have been with you for your entire life; carrying you around, staying up til 3 AM trying to put you to sleep, changing your diapers, making your lunch, and caring for you. Parents learn to be forgiving towards their children, but a single boy or girl who could jeopardize your family closeness and will likely forget about you sometime in the future isn’t worth the trouble, man. I say; prioritize. Who’s more important? Of course this is useless advice, since us teenagers are spontaneous and selfish and hell and would rather date than be good to our mamas.

“It’s not you, it’s me. I feel you deserve better and could be happier with someone better than me.”

Why didn’t you think of that before you started dating, dumbass?

I shouldn’t even get myself started on this. It’s obvious. They know that something’s wrong with them and you’re making seem like they’re dumb and will actually believe you. I’m not gonna comment on this one, to be honest, but advice for everyone out there; refrain from using this like. It’s overrated and just plain stupid.

You’re in a relationship and you can’t stop flirting with this other guy/girl.

Back off, bucko!

This is semi-understandable, to be quite honest. As a human, we like to feel special and loved by other individuals. Sometimes hearing compliments and flirting with someone other than your partner is refreshing, making you feel more appealing to others and not just your partner. It can be a definite confidence boost, but it’s an unhealthy confidence boost.

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

For some people who just have flirty natures, it’s hard to keep themselves from hitting on another member of the opposite/same sex. There are times when partners do it just to make their other partner jealous so they can see them do something! I can tell you right now that this habit is a poisonous habit and never ends well.

In my opinion, couples should exercise control over themselves. It may be difficult, but it’s worthwhile. I believe that it’s the key to a relationship, knowing that you and your spouse aren’t checking out that Johnny Depp / Megan Fox look-a-like who just passed by (okay, maybe that was a little extreme… but someone really hot!). You should also do things to keep your love life on high! When you’re bored with your partner, your conscience might be leading you towards another person so that you can relive that warm, happy feeling that you’d get from your partner once-upon-a-time. While you do need time with your friends, you also need to pay attention to your love, and vice versa.

And no, don’t give me that “LOL WE’RE JUST FRIENDS”. Just don’t. I’ll punch you in the balls. Or ovaries. Or both.

“Yeah, we just broke up…” “Aaaw ): uhm, but I just wanted to tell you something… I’m in love with you.” “Really? I like you too! Lets go out!” “YAY.”

WHORE. (P.S. Sorry about the colours… I tried to keep it as gender-neutral as possible)

REALLY, GUYS? REAAALLY? Please tell me that this hasn’t happened to anyone else, because that’s just BALLZY. And I can only think of 3 1/2 reasons for this:

1. He/she wants to get back at their ex / wants to make them jealous. (Aka, using you)

2. They’re the type who desperately need / depend on having a partner.

3. … They actually like you.

My thang: wait at least a month until you get back into a relationship. Trust me, it’s good for you and your reputation.

“omg i need a bf/gf really i do i hate my life no one loves me a walrus consumed my family wen i was 4 im so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Exclamation mark abuse.

Desperation only works on the desperate and two desperate people = exclamation mark abuse.

Wailing whiny whale in it's natural habitat. It is quit calm at the moment.

But uh, really. Of course you talk about your problems with your loverboy/girl, but hell… don’t sound like a wailing whiny whale! ESPECIALLY if it hasn’t reached the relationship stage yet. Unless you’re intensely patient (I admire you), maybe you could deal with someone like this, but it really is annoying in general.

Like, I cannot stand whiny people. It makes me want to shoot myself in the face.



… Goddamn, I really wanted to continue this. I gotta get back to studying though – exams in 2 weeks! Wish me luck!



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4 thoughts on “You used to take my breath away, now I realize I was suffocating from all your bullshit.

  1. I was contemplating leaving this blog after I read it was devoid of super awesome facts, but in a heroic show of persistence I continued to read. When I reached this gem, ““omg i need a bf/gf really i do i hate my life no one loves me a walrus consumed my family wen i was 4 im so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”” I realized it’s time to subscribe.

    I expect super awesome facts next post.

    Posted by Liquid Energy Online | June 17, 2011, 10:27 pm
    • Omgsh xD. It is devoid of super awesome facts! Honestly, it’s just my shitty little opinion based on shitty little experiences… which I guess makes this a rant LOL.

      Golly gosh jee, thanks for the sub! You’re gonna need a lot more of that heroic persistence to read my upcoming blogs. They’re all full of bullshit, like walruses consuming families.

      That’s a high expectation for me, but I’ll try to achieve it! 8D Thanks again! ❤

      Posted by paperterrorist | June 18, 2011, 11:46 pm
  2. Glad to see you writing back here again. This was a good post. I enjoyed reading it.

    Good luck on your exams.

    Posted by Danniel | June 18, 2011, 11:51 am

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