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Wow, I really ditched this place.

Life got busy, kinda ignored my blog for a while…

Today was strange. It started out well; I got to wear my maxi dress to school and I felt pretty : D and the cashier at Zellers told me that I was pretty too! So uh, ego self-esteem boost!

Theeeen I got the news.

A girl from my school was hospitalized since the weekend and she died this morning. She was only 18, and suffered from an aneurysm, then coma, and then she died. It was really sad, because her sister kept posting messages on facebook saying “please pray for my sister” etc. And then… well yeah.

It kinda scared me, man. I mean, I do think about how I’m not gonna live forever (morbid, I know), but this was a real wake-up call. This girl had a whole future ahead of her. She bought her prom dress, was ready to have the best time of her life, graduation’s only a few weeks away and she won’t be able to experience university or college at all. Grade 12 for her friends must have changed entirely.

It just goes to show, I guess… treat your loved ones like it’s the last day of your life, and live the way you want to live, no matter what it is. Better to die celebrating your life then being regretful.

RIP Kelechi Onyegbula.

The greatest people are the hardest to let go.


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