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You used to take my breath away, now I realize I was suffocating from all your bullshit.

Story of mah lifeee. So today’s blog is going to be on RELATIONSHIPS! Why relationships you might ask? Well, lately I’ve been mixed up with a lot of boy problems, and some of my friends’ relationship problems. It kinda compelled me to get my opinion out there. Just to let you know, I’ll just be … Continue reading


Rude people suck. ‘Nuff said.

Wow, I really ditched this place.

Life got busy, kinda ignored my blog for a while… Today was strange. It started out well; I got to wear my maxi dress to school and I felt pretty : D and the cashier at Zellers told me that I was pretty too! So uh, ego¬†self-esteem boost! Theeeen I got the news. A girl … Continue reading