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And I’m NOT going to mention Osama.

Heeey thaaar.

Just a quick blog before I attempt my law presentation. Today was an alright day; this morning my best friend Manya and I got kicked off the bus for not having the right bus pass for the month. She usually gets her bus passes from the school, and she was absent yesterday so she couldn’t get it, and she tried to explain to the bus driver but, literally, the bus driver BITCHED us OUT. [I had my bus pass. . . somewhere.] So we get booted and I’m pretty sure the annoying grade 9s laughed their asses off and will now know us as the “girls who got kicked off”. It’s okay though, they’re afraid of missing the first bus and waiting for the late bus. . . which comes 5 minutes later.

Anyways, so after that Manya had a bitchrant about the driver while we headed over to her house ’cause her mom was gonna give us a ride. During the ride, we got lectured. We got to school late and were too lazy to go to class, so we went to the mall instead. [Oh, I have to print out my resumés, thanks for reminding me : D]

So at the mall, we browsed stores, acted like idiots, became public nuisances, and decided that we should get jobs. I don’t know why I want to work again; last time I worked at Winners [for all you peeps who don’t know what Winners is, it’s a store where brand-name designers dump the remainder of their shit and we sell it for up to 60% off. The remainders are often sewn badly, ripped, or just plainass ugly] and I HATED it. I hated the fact that I had to move. Yeah, I’m a lazyass like that.

But really, it was my first and WORST work experience. Sure my colleagues were cool, but my managers were disorganized and never really cared about my availability hours. On weekends I said that I could work from 12:00 PM ’till whenever – they scheduled me for 6 – 8:30 AM shifts. And believe it or not, there were people with their faces pressed against the windows of the store at 9:00. Our store opened at 10.

And hoshit, don’t even get me started on the old people I had to ser–

I’m getting off topic.

ANYWAYS; so yeah, I didn’t know why I wanted to get a job. I think I just like the fact that I’m DOING something with my life again and getting a reward out of it. My life got soooo boring after I quit soccer and other sports. ): I miss playing soccer. FORZA ITALIA! : DD I’m hoping to get a [better] retail job or a job at a store that sells makeup or bags. I was discounts on ’em (: HUHU, I LOVE MY CHEAPNESS.

We got back to school just as the bell for the end of 1st period rang. When I got to 2nd period my teacher asked me why I miss so much of class [haaaaaa, skipper] and why I don’t hand in assignments. Man, this is anthro we’re talking about. Anthropology, sociology, and psychology. It’s the EASIEST course. I don’t understand why she’s worried about me when I have like, an 80 in that course without handing in assignments. I don’t even need it, to be honest. It was supposed to be my relaxing slack-off [who read “jack-off” instead of “slack-off”?] class, but nuh. We get SO much work.

Then at lunch I was bombarded by the friends who annoy me so much. Not gonna even start on that.

Chemistry I laughed too hard, in Math I skipped half the period after being accused of skipping. [Oh the logic.]

So yeah, today was an alright day.

Also, fun fact: Hitler died on May 1st, 1945 – Osama bin Laden died on May 1st 2011. Next tyrant: whoever you are, you’re gonna die on May 1st, biatch.


– Roqayyeh


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One thought on “And I’m NOT going to mention Osama.

  1. From Kindergarten to my first three and a half years of community college I’ve always been within a 20 minute walk of my school, so I never had to take the bus. That might be one of the reasons I hate buses so much now. Never really thought about it.

    I want a job and I can just not find one anywhere for me. I think my resumes are rife with pathetic-ness.

    Posted by Danniel | May 6, 2011, 9:35 am

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