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Holy bajeezuz, I swear a lot.

It’s true, I really do.

But amgsh… I have so much homework right now. Math, Chem, Law summative, Anthro assignment + summative. . . and fack, I think we’re getting our midterms for Chem and Math soon. Ugh… SO sick of this. It’s only gonna get worse, though.

So, rant time!

I’m annoyed. At everything. I honestly don’t want to go to school anymore to face my friends, who are annoying me to no end at the moment, and teachers, who I just hate in general. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not normally like this. I’m actually a really happy and loving person, but I have no clue why I’m getting so angry lately.

Some of my friends are telling me that it’s cause I haven’t smoked in a while. I have noticed what when a person stops their smoking habit they become more aggressive and angry easily. Maybe I’m just stressed cause of school? Maybe. But I just wanna get out of this phase. It’s really irritating.

I’ll tell you when I get this feeling. One of my friends who I met recently, we became really close. It feels like I’ve known her forever. We used to laugh at our stupid jokes, and I mean it, our jokes are dumb, but we still laughed at the nothingness. Now, her jokes just piss me off. And I’m the kinda person who can’t hide my feelings. They’ll show through my facial expression or behaviour somehow – so I’m hoping she won’t notice.

Another; the most smallest thing ever, but yet the most annoying, a friend of mine likes to poke people. So every time he walks by me he pokes me in the side. A few grades back (grade 9, I think?) I used to SPAZZ when someone poked me. Not anymore, bud. I’m fucking IMMUNE to that shit. But he still does it, and I’ve told him to stop many times. It’s gotten so bad that I’m barely talking to him anymore cause he’s just annoying. And he doesn’t stop asking for food! Just today I was STARVING in class, so I grabbed a granola bar from my purse and he just turns around like “OMGSH CAN I HAZ SUM?!” (yeah, I’m making him sound like the total fatass he is inside). I just want to be like “NO. FUCK OFF. THIS IS MY FOOD, I’M HUNGRY.” He doesn’t piss offfff!

I also get stared down by the puny grade 9’s and 10’s in my school. They always whisper about my clothes. I don’t wear anything weird, in fact I love fashion. I get loads of compliments from my friends and random people about my outfits, but these chicks won’t stop hating on me. “Oooh look at her with her heels and lipstick, those jeans are so jajdksjafhaks” SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m not your problem, you’re not mine! And you’re younger than me! Half of you are already whores and you’re complaining about me for trying to dress the way I like? G. T. F. OOOO.

And everyone I’m around are just so STUPID. They just are! Like, it appalls me!

Yeah, I’m just annoyed. Not having a good day, week, year; whatever. Just to clarify; I’m not MAD at anyone. I’m just annoyed. It’s one of those moments where everything annoys you and you just want everyone to fuck off for a bit. Normally I don’t complain about such small things. So yeah.


Sorry for making you read this pointless shit. xD


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2 thoughts on “Holy bajeezuz, I swear a lot.

  1. It’s always nice to have a place to get shit off your chest.

    Don’t stop blogging, I think I can already tell you’re the type of blogger I would enjoy reading. So keep it up.

    Posted by Danniel | April 30, 2011, 6:09 am

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